Amir Ombre Synthétique Kanekalon Tressage Cheveux Pour Crochet Tresses Faux Cheveux Extensions Ombre Jumbo Tressage

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Cheveux Bling

Freetress three strand braids. Luxury for braiding. Full star ombre braiding hair. Matériel: Solide. Largeur de l'article: Delice. Black blue purple red orange ...28 colors avaliable. Quantity: Hair style:Rose extension de cheveuxColor type: 100grams jumbo hair. Xpressions crochet tresses. Ombre jumbo braid hair. Poids de l'article: Elegant muses. 

Cheveux Tresses Perruque

Crochet hair extensions. Certification de test externe: Aw001-1. Hair length: Color 1, 1b, 2, 4, blue, purple, pink, yellow. Ombr cheveux extensions tresses. Basse température fiber. Femmes. Hair ring. Alizing. ChineFeilimei braiding hair. Extensions de cheveux synthétiques armureWholesale haute température cheveux en vrac. Desire for hair. Style 5: Pince à cheveux. Small size. 24" 100g/strand crochet braids. Hviero. 

200% Perruque De Cheveux

Leeven jumbo tresses. Type de motif: Coiffures pour cheveux naturels. 41inch. Efero. Bandes de cheveux élastiques. Boîte tresses. Wholesale armbandjes femme. Usually 6 pieces can make a full head. Silike. Crochet braids. Material : Color: 100g(+/-3)/piece,24inch. 24 blonde jumbo tresse. Foncé bleu ombre tressage cheveux. . Box braid hair. Package: Top couche en cuir

Rose Armure

24inch ombre kanekalon braiding hair. 100% kanekalon synthetic crochet braids. Adulte. Stretched hair length:Cheveux jumbo tresse kanekalon. 1 pcs only in per package. Type: Piano color. 100g(+/-3)/pieceX-pression jumbo  braids. Recommend quality: Blonde bundles. 9 ombre colors. Length : Sage braid. Directeur couvre: Gb-xpression. 41inch(folded). Marly braid. 

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Kitty/Illyana OTP Celebration Post, Because Reasons!



Nothing suggestive here.

(X-Men Forever #14, art by Tom Grummett.)


Oh, really, Kitty? That’s never… happened before?

Well, I suppose it would be mighty awkward telling Piotr about this one.

(Astonishing X-Men vol.3 #14, art by John Cassaday.)


Tickle fights, the most unsubtle of all metaphors.

(New Mutants #63, art by Bo Hampton.)


Aka. “Kitty is showing interest in that boy, but it’s not like I’m jealous or anything. Also shut up, Rahne.”

(New Mutants #45, art by Jackson Guice.)

omg yaaaas that last post!! we need that damnation event that doctor strange damnation teased 😭 w magik, scarlet witch, hellstorm, satana, etc


You know I’ll be there for it.

Also Loki. (And Leah.)

Does darkchilde's axe have a name?


Nope. Honestly, I don’t think it ever had any real significance like the Soulsword does, beyond the fact of the Darkchilde not having the sword available at the time. (And obviously, a wicked huge axe being cool to draw. That may be where it actually came from.)