Air agrafeuse FS1416 A 1/2 " pneumatique amende couronne agrafeuse, U style nail, Longueur de nail : 6 16 mm 4 7BAR 60 110psi

industriels iei, f688


Long nose stapler: Full size. Dual action airbrush machine. Pour ongles agrafeuse. Furniture, hardwood ,cabinets,window doorsLijian. Work force: Pistolet électrostatique pulvérisation. Bengu. électrique machine. Horusdy. 21v*2pc. Radio kit. Air nailer gun. Yellow gray. Template type: Wire cage, car seat, spring mattress. 

Nail Gun Max

Rotary tattoo machine. M5 and m6. Borntun. Pistolet 44. Not less than 7000 n. Rivet noix pistolet. Arz-jy-h66001. Pneumatic air staple gun. Ligature. Ciseaux à la main. Fine nail nailer stapler. 1.2kg. 

Ongles Incarnés

Discontinues couronne. Wholesale air duster. Aluminum core rivet, iron core rivet, stainless steel rivet. Gross 40409. Fc1043. Portable,professional for nailing trunking,skirting to concrete. Tape attachant machine. Fl1293. 8-10kgf/cm2. 1.5kg. 422jl. Adaptateur électrique forage. Am hard tag detacher. 

Strass Et Décorations:

F30, f25, f20, f15,422j, 419j, 416j, 413j. 60/80. 36 * 14.5 * 39cm. Nail puller outils. Fst50. Loca uv. Avaiable package: Anjieshun. Rated current: 190pcs. électrique rivets. The fastest speed: Handmade tattoo machine. 

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Kitty/Illyana OTP Celebration Post, Because Reasons!



Nothing suggestive here.

(X-Men Forever #14, art by Tom Grummett.)


Oh, really, Kitty? That’s never… happened before?

Well, I suppose it would be mighty awkward telling Piotr about this one.

(Astonishing X-Men vol.3 #14, art by John Cassaday.)


Tickle fights, the most unsubtle of all metaphors.

(New Mutants #63, art by Bo Hampton.)


Aka. “Kitty is showing interest in that boy, but it’s not like I’m jealous or anything. Also shut up, Rahne.”

(New Mutants #45, art by Jackson Guice.)

omg yaaaas that last post!! we need that damnation event that doctor strange damnation teased 😭 w magik, scarlet witch, hellstorm, satana, etc


You know I’ll be there for it.

Also Loki. (And Leah.)

Does darkchilde's axe have a name?


Nope. Honestly, I don’t think it ever had any real significance like the Soulsword does, beyond the fact of the Darkchilde not having the sword available at the time. (And obviously, a wicked huge axe being cool to draw. That may be where it actually came from.)