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chien ciotole, poitrine chat transporteurs

Souris En Bois

Animal chien jouets en plastique. Pet hamster chew mineral stone. Double pet laisse. 14.5*12*6 cm. Wholesale de nettoyage brosses à poils d'animaux. Clip de lunettes de soleil. Rope length: : Rounds carpet diy. Small pet animal bunk beds. Wholesale pour chat sac. 0.066kg (0.15lb.). 25.5*10.5cm. Jaula de hamster. Molar toy. 

Petit Peigne

Dco-a031. Red with white. Mouse toy. Fangnymph. Hamster house toy. 10*8*3.5cm. Reptile feeder 2s90662. Jx 066. Plastic + sucker+fur. Green/blue/red. 

Lapin Pour

B0076. S size : : 517e2s90778Harnais 2017. Age range: Charging time: Cwxc0141zz0zz. Giocattoli per animaliGreen. 10.7*1.1cm. élisabéthain pet. Bath sand room. Wholesale toilettage sac chienEscalade corde filet. Lapin buveur souris. Tunnel pliable. Brush length: 138330. Hamster cage/toy. 

Baignoire Pour Chiens

Wooden. About 5 *  9 cm. Rotary ladder. Approx. 80cm/31.49in. House for dogs. 25cm x 15cm x 10cm (9.84in x 5.91in x 3.94in)Net weight : Supply for: Wholesale en peluche et animaux en peluche. Boules attraper. Plastic+steel wire. Nest sommeil. The animal to the toilet: 

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Kitty/Illyana OTP Celebration Post, Because Reasons!



Nothing suggestive here.

(X-Men Forever #14, art by Tom Grummett.)


Oh, really, Kitty? That’s never… happened before?

Well, I suppose it would be mighty awkward telling Piotr about this one.

(Astonishing X-Men vol.3 #14, art by John Cassaday.)


Tickle fights, the most unsubtle of all metaphors.

(New Mutants #63, art by Bo Hampton.)


Aka. “Kitty is showing interest in that boy, but it’s not like I’m jealous or anything. Also shut up, Rahne.”

(New Mutants #45, art by Jackson Guice.)

omg yaaaas that last post!! we need that damnation event that doctor strange damnation teased 😭 w magik, scarlet witch, hellstorm, satana, etc


You know I’ll be there for it.

Also Loki. (And Leah.)

Does darkchilde's axe have a name?


Nope. Honestly, I don’t think it ever had any real significance like the Soulsword does, beyond the fact of the Darkchilde not having the sword available at the time. (And obviously, a wicked huge axe being cool to draw. That may be where it actually came from.)